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Apr '08

Lots of Wine. Lots of Food.

What a beautiful day in Olympia — really top down weather — again. I even swung by my old house to see if the new owner had planted anything in the back yard (not).

Wine tasting slated to run from 4-8pm. It was more like 4-11pm. Many, many bottles of wine. Curt even dipped in the cellar (hard to do in an apartment with a concrete slab floor) for a couple of more bottles of wine. He spent most of the day (and the evening before) making various heavy appetizers — enough for a full meal if you ask me.

Favorite appetizer of the evening? Slice of steak rolled smeared with wasabi mayonnaise and rolled up around slivers of red and yellow bell peppers.

We got three people from the Vancouver area, including the requisite politician, one from Bremerton, me from Seattle, Dave from upstairs (public defender), and a handful of other Olympians. It was a good time. A long good time.

Not much to write about when you just spend all day drinking wine.

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