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Jun '08

Musings On Travel.

I found this little ditty in the introduction to The Best American Travel Writing 2003 edited by Ian Frazier:

I travel for all the usual reasons — to see new places, meet new people, have exciting experiences, etc. Also I travel just because I like to move. Motion simply for its own sake is often my goal.

Wow — talk about spot on for me and my life. I guess that would explain why I am going to New Orleans next week, and staying only a couple of days. Well, that and work. A friend of mine is getting a “shiny new pair of boobs and they throwin a tummy tuck” — her words, not mine.

And speaking of work. I haven’t mentioned in awhile that if you click on the stuff to the right (called advertising) that I actually get a few bucks in my pocket — so, if you are thinking about the book above, click on the link to the right and search for it on the Amazon site. And I’d like to mention our latest advertising sponsor: Blue Toad Rentals, featuring the Light House Apartment on lovely Lopez Island.

Lots of billable hours this afternoon — even if some of them are “trade” hours. Who would have thought — on a Sunday — God’s day.

Dinner is a simple grilled chicken breast with salad. I’d like to break that 220 barrier sometime soon.



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One Response to “Musings On Travel.”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Don’t forget gravity defying, ‘ shiny, gravity-defying, new boobs.
    hee hee, I’m so excited!