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Jun '08

Closing Delayed

And Other Interesting News.

Well — got a morning call from Lanny the Real Estate Dude. I’m warming up to him. I like the way he thinks. Seems like the closing will be delayed because the buyers were pre-approved, but the money wasn’t in the works yet. Lanny is planning to ask for more earnest money to move the date back. That date would be July 9th. Too bad I didn’t know this before I cancelled July poker at the church and took away all the cooking equipment (and beds).

Interesting quote from today’s Wall Street Journal from Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines:

Our only competition is the car or the television set. People who fly us are people who weren’t going to fly in any case.

Wow. No wonder he is the only airline making money in this economy.

And speaking of my economy — it seems that everybody wants my services today. FOUR contracts today alone. Yikes — there goes the summer — traded in for cash. It’s a trade I’ll make.

  • Print job for the faerie brothers
  • CD disc art and jewel case art for local star
  • Great Art Party website update
  • Unnamed (due to NDA) consulting marketing/business development contract

WOW — when it rains it pours. Guess I’d better get to bed early tonight and try and get some of these things off my plate before Monday. Shit, and I haven’t even unloaded the van or the trailer.

Sushi and champagne for dinner.

[225.0 — not bad considering four days in New Orleans]


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And Other Interesting News.

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