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Jun '08

Gnarlene’s Video A Run Away Hit!

Gnarlene has done it again! Check out this video from her upcoming Blood & Treasure album that goes into pressing as soon as I finish the liner note artwork.


I hope you’ll all click through and view it — let’s pump up those numbers!

Wishing that the damn church would close — I feel like I’m just waiting around to move on with life. Thank goodness for all the work this week as it forces my brain to think about other things. Still have to figure out Austrailia transportation both intra-and international. It wasn’t such a big deal when it was just to/from Sydney, but now the the Melbourne and Cairns legs — and who should interupt this entry with questions about said trip — Swanda, who is putting it all together. It scares me that we think so much alike at the same times.

A quiet night at home after a wild night fixing dinner for Lynne last night. It’s nice to have her in the neighborhood.


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