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Jul '08

Phone On The Fritz.

Spent the tail end of last night futzing around with my phone (Treo 650 that has already come back from dead once or twice). I think it might finally be dead — and no time for Graf to fix — and no time with the 4th of July on Friday to get a replacement shipped in. Damn. Looks like time to do some quick research on a replacement. Would that be T-Mobile and extend my contract, TigerDirect, Amazon, or Geeks for a quad-band smartphone. Hoping to get one running Windows to fix the sync problems I’ve been having with the Palm… more stuff I don’t have time to deal with when I’m up to my neck in work.

And speaking of work — today is all about suggestions on revising the website to give it a “lighter, less crowded” feel to mimic a couple of other sites that the owner likes. Spent part of the day mucking with logos that arrived yesterday, and the rest mucking with a mock-up of a possible new front page that strips out all the borders. Lots of back and forth with the programmer of the members site (database driven) — one of my duties is to make they have a closer “look and feel” to each other. Then the question is chicken or egg (as in which one came first).

And then there is that damn phone problem:

 It’s a short video clip of the screen spazzing out. The two phones in the running are the T-Mobile Dash at $150 with a two year contract extension, and the Samsung BlackJack for $200 plus shipping and waiting for it, but no contract extension. Will make the decision in the morning.

Chicken and succotash for dinner tonight. Too damn hot to cook much, but it sounds like storm clouds are headed this way — better put the top up on the Bimmer!


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