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Jul '08

Moving Forward.

Yesterday I got this from Lanny, my real estate broker:

The clients have been approved, and the paper work is in progress. I will find out when they will be done for you to sign. Let me know your schedule and we can then figure how to get the papers to you. Our closing is for the  9th, although the Holiday can slow things down.

Let’s hope that holiday slow down doesn’t happen. I want the money in the bank so I can use a small portion of that money for some more WorldMark points in a deal I worked out almost a month ago — they must be having problems meeting sales because they actually let me leave with all the paperwork — and gave me thirty days to return it. Unheard of in the old days.

Other news is that my birthday trip to Austrailia is off. The only way to make it worth financially (even with the house closing) would have been economy the whole route. That would be just under 20,000 flight miles in a cramped Quantas economy (not economy plus). At least if I were on United, it would be Economy Plus. There is just no way for me to do all the intra-Austrailia flights I’d need to do and still be on the same schedule as the rest of the folks. And then there is always the chance that one of the others on the group would be like the rude one at the Paella Cooking Class at Anitas — and have to be trapped with him for two weeks.

More website and design work today — the front page mock-up file set was zipped and sent to the owner this morning, but no word so far. Plenty of stuff to do in the meantime — like getting lunch and going off to T-Mobile to get a phone. Let’s hope the Burien store has one and that I don’t go on a wild goose chase all over town. I’d call ahead…. that’s right, I don’t have a phone.

More later, maybe


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