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Jul '08

I Day Late All Week.

It just feels like I’ve been running a day late all week… with blog entries. It’s usually the next morning by the time the previous day is posted. Maybe I should make it my evening ritual rather than my morning ritual.

The day in a nut shell. Morning with NPR and puttering around the house, answering email, reading the Wall Street Journal. Afternoon was moving Bob (the bus) as one of the neighbors complained to the cops. I really need to see about consigning it to a lot a couple of miles south of here — maybe Monday when it’s time to move it again.

In getting ready for tomorrow’s visit with Barb I was out milking the raspberry bushes to go with some Stilton cheese and white wine tasting that will be our mid-day snack after breakfast at Snoqualmie Lodge and and early dinner at the Brooklyn. Of course this means running those berries and white wine over to Swanda’s so we don’t leave it in the car all day — then it’s off to Mindi and Jeff’s going away party. I’ll miss them, but they’d been in San Francisco for the last couple of years — and now are off to Dublin. And they have a guest bedroom — guess I’d better get to looking for a ticket to Dublin.

Greet evening. Great company. Great conversation.


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