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Aug '08

Work And Motorhome Woe.

After taking off the weekend from billing hours, back to the grind (well, as much of a grind as 4-5 hours of billing a day can be). Today is a mix of cleaning up the Membership Directory for Events and Adventures and working on a WordPress site that they can keep updated. Who knows, maybe they will extend my contract to do the blog monitoring and updating. Seems to be a growing niche for that service (i.e. Shirts of Bamboo and 7RadLLC).

Finally connected in the afternoon with Darren from Roy Robinson who I met at the RV show. There was a typo on the Bluebird Info sheet that I gave him so he wasn’t able to contact me — and his email ended up in my junk folder which I didn’t realize until late in the day. I went out to test drive the 2006 Pleasure Way van conversion. Damn it drives nice. Of course, they want to give me about 30% of what I’m asking for Bob. As they say, there isn’t much demand for the older rigs (while trying to sell me one that will age and be hard to get rid of). Oh well, back to CraigsList — might even resort to an ad in RVTrader.

And speaking for RVs — here is the only shot that I took at the show:


This is a “park model” done in a “mid-century” style. Shit — I should have just parked that up at the church and plumbed it in.

Cocktails and dinner with Swanda, with only a little business thrown in (that damn Members Handbook). Watch Ms. Barrack talking about her family history and headed home to bed.


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