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Aug '08

No Plans, But Lots Of Plans.

What a wonderful change from planning, planning, planning. Take it as it comes.

Sleep until coffee calls. Coffee until breakfast calls. Errands until cocktail hour calls.

Errands? Honey for mead — Costco. And while we are there, let’s pick up champagne (Moet White Star) for dinner and Maker’s Mark to replace what I’ve been drinking. BevMo for tequila (Onyx for pomegranate juice) and diet soda for me. Berkeley Bowl for sausage for Fang, and then home to drop all the booty.

Next on the list is locating the house where Fang and Indy (serious hottie) are picking Elderberries for either an Elderberry infused vodka, or an Elderberry Mead. With the harvest, I think the idea is now the Elderberry infused Vodka, which takes 48-72 hours rather and the three months. Of course, this means yet another shopping stop at Andronicos for Vodka (guess we should have gotten that at BevMo!)

Elderberries off vines and into pots we are off to Pat’s to check out the new back room. Weaving Studio or Living Room. Place your bets here. I certainly can’t make color recommendations until they decide what that damn room is being used for. Nice new guest room as well — but those damn cats will keep me from every using it. My only fear is that I think we chased away her mother who was visiting.

Home to chill out and think about dinner. We’d picked up wild salmon and salad at the Berkeley Bowl (to go with the champagne) and there was talk of Fang and Indy and Chaos Crew coming down for dinner — but naught. Apparently Chaos is sedentary on Sundays. Too bad.

But not too bad — a quiet dinner with Onyx, too much champagne for two people, an early night since we are up at six because I can’t tell AM from PM when making reservations. Works for me. I’ll just have to have Indy in my dreams.

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  1. blue toad Says:

    Oh how I miss Andronicos.