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Oct '08

Sunday Roast In Vancouver.

I got out of the house a little afternoon with a quick stop at Subway for some road food since the refrigerator is bare.

Next stop was Safeway for gas ($2.82 for the mid-grade!) in Smokey Point and duty free at the border for some McCallum scotch. Was $32.75 for the 750ml bottle, but I had my punch card filled so it brought it down $10 to $22.75 — not bad at all.

Was at the check-in desk at the WorldMark Vancouver at The Canadian on Hornby downtown Vancouver at 3:30pm and the room was just finished being cleaned! Got the bread dough cut, braided, and on top of the refrigerator to rise while I went the two blocks to the IGA to shop for dinner. The boys are bringing the wine.

Speaking of the boys:


Per Request! From left to right: Humminghird, Cindii, Tom, Uncle Markie.

It was a fun Sunday dinner — a pork roast, fresh bread, big salad — and we ate every last bit of it — now that’s good planning!

After dinner was movie time: first there was the contest entry that Cindii had just finished, followed by a movie call “The Amateurs” — which I chose because of a line of the box that said “If Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life) did a porno flick…”

Back to Seattle tomorrow.


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  1. Chris Schilling Says:

    And who are the boys from left to right…always add a caption for those not in the know!