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Nov '08

Magic Gates And Dinner Number Three (Of Four).

Moonsong showed up while I was in the shower to continue work on the gate project, and while it isn’t done yet, it now works! All we need to do now is the final adjustment and finish work.

Here are the Magic Gates in action:

Dinner number four is as late as yesterdays’ was early. Jameson should arrive here around 7:30 or 8 for a dinner of bar-b-qued country style pork ribs, asparagus (it was on sale), salad, and wine. 

Meanwhile I’m just working on stuff for Events and Adventures, mailing stuff to Steve and Marybeth, and trying to keep the day calm.


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One Response to “Magic Gates And Dinner Number Three (Of Four).”

  1. Xrauq Says:

    Hey – those gates are way cool!
    – Remote controlled?
    – Pneumatic? Hydraulic? Gears?
    – How much for the hardware?