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Nov '08

Too many accessories!

OK — I think my shower has reached it’s maximum number of accessories:


The latest one is a shower-based water pick, it’s the tiny white hose. Was looking for a Water-Pic(r) to improve my dental hygiene and stumbled across this gadget on Amazon. It’s called the ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator.

But enough about my hygiene — lets talk about the food that gets in all those crevices…

Tonight’s meal before poker in Olympia:

  • Salad
  • Bread (not my homemade)
  • Black-eyed peas (for luck)
  • Chicken in a Green Mole Sauce

Wish me luck if the peas don’t bring it to me.


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One Response to “Too many accessories!”

  1. hummingbird Says:

    sorry to hear you are fighting a head cold
    hope you recover rapidly in yuckatans warmth
    there used to be a nude beach just north of playa del carmen
    you should check it out
    speaking of checking out
    check out cindiis newest vid
    we are engaged in davd & goliath struggle
    pass on our latest widely to friends & pertinent intrested parties
    looking forward to seeing you soon with us on mexicos other coast

    love hummingbird