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Nov '08

Hail SOB!

That Would Be Son Of Bob.

Well, Sunday was an exciting day. Bob (the 1980 35′ Bluebird Wanderlodge) now has a new home up in Stanwood, Washington. What did I get? Ten large (that is $10,000) and a 1987 23′ Itasca (by Winnebago) Sunflyer Motorhome with half the miles that Bob had on him.

Newer with less miles, but shorter — why was Bob worth so much more. Quality. The Itasca is a tin can with a large gas engine. Better turning radius, but fiberboard cabinets as opposed to plywood and laminate. Now the question is to keep and refurbish, or to put it on the block as well.

Here is SOB (Son of Bob):


Yes, it even has a drivers side door! Here is the scroller to all the pictures:


Within the next couple of days I’ll post some possible new exterior designs.

Meanwhile, total is a ton of work that stacked up over the weekend, and errands like bank runs, licensing bureau runs, grocery store runs, the works.

Quiet dinner at home tonight.



2 Responses to “Hail SOB!

That Would Be Son Of Bob.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Wanna trade the motor home for our boat and trailer? The printer 🙂

  2. Swanda Says:

    You “THOUGHT” you were going to have a quiet night at home, oh how things change with a check and good friends!

    All Hail SOB! Cheers, Swanda