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Nov '08

Back In The Air Again. Miami Bound.

Yes, in the air, again. 1:20pm flight to Miami with Swanda, and tomorrow morning we board the mv Nowegian Pearl for a seven day cruise of the Western Caribbean. We have a veranda suite booked — $1049 per person for the 7-days…. not a bad deal, but we could have saved $500 between us had we waited until today to book:

Brochure Inside $1,539
Our Inside $249
You Save 84%
Brochure Oceanview $1,639
Our Oceanview $329
You Save 80%

Brochure Balcony $2,039
Our Balcony $549
You Save 73%
Brochure Suite $2,439
Our Suite $749
You Save 69%

Oh well. Still think it’s a great deal. Here is the layout:

prl_cabin_MiniSte_AF     PEARL-MINI-ST-01

The balcony doesn’t look as big as the one on the Oosterdam of the birthday cruise, but it’s a balcony. Destination are Belize, Honduras, Cozamal, Bahamas, and probably some other place I’ve forgotten about.

After the cruise we are off to DisneyWorld for two days before heading home on the 9th.

Maybe more later it I can find the time.


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