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Dec '08

Destination — Private Island.

Of Hell.

Feeling a little better, actually got out of bed for breakfast this morning — Eggs Benedict in the Summer Palace. I got to the restaurant about the same time as the boat got anchored off

Norwegian Cruise Lines private island (more like a pile of rocks and some sand).

After a laid back morning of reading New Yorkers, I headed off on the tender to “fantasy island” to see what the BBQ lunch was like. The answer? Hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe some chicken — all grill items, not BBQ.

Here is a decent shot of “fantasy island”:


Toured the shops and got back on the same boat as I arrived on. It wasn’t really hell — if what you wanted to do was lay on the beach and sun yourself, it would have been heaven. At the tail end of a head cold, sweating and drinking wasn’t what I had in mind — or maybe I’m just ready to be away from 2,000 other people.

Lunch in the Blue Lagoon and back to the room for more reading.

The plan for this evening has finally settled onto Indigo for our last night’s dinner. Swanda was

thinking French for more snails, but decided a dozen and a half was enough for one trip.

Might do some duty free shopping after dinner, or not.

Might just come back to the room and collapse.

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Of Hell.

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