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Dec '08

Marketing Thursday.

Well, back in the saddle, and if it’s Thursday it must be the all hands Marketing meeting for E&A. Due to a technical glitch I missed the first portion of the call, but all  is good now. Of course, after 10 days off, the billing for the next period isn’t going to be very big.

Thursday also means payday, so it’s off to the bank, Safeway, Home Depot (to look for oak for the valences in Son of Bob), gas, all those errands. Between billings and selling BOB — I haven’t had to transfer anything out of savings for the last month or so… even with the holiday travel.

Dinner tonight is with the lovely Lynne… probably the last before she re-locates back to Lopez. Damn. I’m going to miss being able to invite her over for dinner at least weekly. It’s just the usual steak, salad wine — with the BBQ on the steaks, but that’s the way of South Park.

So, between working and entertaining — no big news other than an unexpected Christmas bonus in the form of Shilo Inns Lodging Script that expires on the 20th — best get busy planning a quickie vacation.



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