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Jan '09

More Work Before Play.

Spending lots of this week logging billing hours since later this week will be much lighter. I’ll have some hours tomorrow taking the conference call from the Alaska Board Room for E&A’s marketing meeting.

Spent (for me) a bunch of time on the phone with MarkO at E&A, more work coming my way. Need the hours to pay off the Jag (OK — I put the Jag on my VISA card — that cost the dealer another 2-3%)

Lots of research today into this new project which I’m not at liberty to discuss. Short entry today — hopefully will have time to post from LA on the way to PV (Puerto Vallarta) to hang out with my priest and his hottie boyfriend in Yelapa.

Tonight is a farewell dinner at Swanda’s place. Guess I’d better get that pork marinating!


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  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    Where in Mexico will you be today?