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Jan '09

Goodbye, Puerto Vallarta.

The boys are hot to get out of Puerto Vallarta ASAP. Too much traffic, too many people, too much energy.

Breakfast is at Planet Vegetario – a vegetarian restaurant half a mile from the hotel. It actually isn’t too bad, even with the lack of huevos (eggs) on the menu. The TVP (textured vegetable protein) mole (mo-lay) wasn’t bad, nor were the tortillas in a spicy tomato sauce. Tons of fresh fruit and coffee rounded out the meal.

We made the 10am water taxi for 100 pesos a person for the 45-50 minute trip to Yelapa. By 11 we were up a very steep series of hills with all our crap – to find their casita occupied by another guest. Guess that means check-in is at 4pm, though it’s not like it’s a commercial establishment, it’s just the top floor of someone’s house.

Dumped the luggage and headed back down the hill to explore the rest of the pueblo (town) – various tiendas (stores), the boys started looking for friends they know, finally ended up at the big beach (rather than the smaller beach closer to town).


  • Mexican Platter
  • Ceviche (misc. fish marinated in line juice)
  • Fresh Chicken Soup
  • Octopus Ceviche
  • Mas (many) beers, tequila, fresh orange drinks.

A wonderfully friendly town, and I have yet to see a Federali (Mexican State Policeman) – though as it turns out the boys did – with shotguns slung over their back. Here is a small video of our place up the hill on the top floor:

The afternoon was shopping for the first round of supplies and organizing the casita (guest house). Gastrointestinal precautions include soaking all the vegetables and fruits that aren’t skinned in a slight iodine solution and using bottled water for all cooking, drinking, and teeth brushing.

Pre-dinner was a round of margaritas and Spanish lessons with the proprietress and her daughter. Make a bed, have a round of drinks, make a bed, have a round of drinks. Laugh, chat, catch up (in the case of her regular renters).


  • Pescado (fish) from the market, stuffed with sautéed garlic and onions
  • Boiled potatoes tossed in butter
  • Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Rounds of margaritas before a Malbec from Argentina with dinner

It was an early night for Hummingbird, as I suspect it will be most nights, with BamBam and I staying up later drinking, smoking, and bonding.

[Weight measurements on hold – who knows, might get dysentery and really lose some weight!]

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