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Feb '09

A Long And Winding Road.

Except That It’s Texas. It’s Just Long.

Sometimes it’s just fine when a date doesn’t pan out into an overnight. Tonight I have a room to myself. Something that has been lacking for the last several days.

  • By 9:37am out of the hotel, yes, down to the minute.
  • No trip to Texas would be appropriate without a Sam Houston viewing. Wait for it — it’s after the Bucky Beaver Sign:
  • By noon, I’m bored and am starting to mentally work out the layout for a new “Subway Road Trip Game” — instead of pointing out cows or license plates — you get points for all the Subway Sandwich Shops you spot. Stay tuned for your down-loadable one.
  • By 1:45pm we were at DFW’s aiport rental facility — which by the way is incredibly badly signed.
  • By 2:15 I’m out of the facility (line, damage notes, etc) in a lovely Pacifica — that would be a mini-van from Chrysler — not the Jeep Liberty I’d reserved for $27 a day (plus about $17 in fees) — and they called it an “upgrade”. My ass.
  • By 4:30 pm I’m hot and sweaty from hours in vehicles but am at Date’s place for our rendezvous.
  • By 5pm I’m out of the shower and we are into bed to break the ice.
  • By 6:30 we are having drinks in the living room.
  • By 7:15 we head out to Posado’s Cafe where of course we run into one of Date’s friends…. “Date, is this your father?” My response “Nah, I’m the crazy Uncle.” Got to love small town dating.
  • By 8:30 shopping for a hotel for the night s Date’s buddies decided to come over after the Super Bowl — not good for a Date still in the closet.
  • By 11pm — bed with luck. Up in the morning at 8 so I can get out of the hotel by 9 to head to the airport to head back to the wonderful Northwest.

Normally that would be the end of my blog entry — but I have Date’s permission to pass on the story of Date’s first gay sex experience a year and a half ago… he and another guy “do it” — each for the first time (though I’m doubtful of the other chap). After it’s all over, the other guy then tries to convert him to Christianity post-coital. He’s one of the Gideons. What makes this so perverse is that Date is the child of crazed missionaries now headed for Kazakhstan. Date feels that the whole missionary thing is a load of abuse. No wonder Date is a tad shy/reserved with that baggage cart. I may have struck out, but at least I didn’t try to convert him into a Unitarian.

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Except That It’s Texas. It’s Just Long.

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