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Mar '09

Home Again, For The Moment.

Out of the condo by 10:30 — might be a record. It might be time to make a bag labeled “WorldMark” with all the spices, oil, wireless router, outlet strip, all the stuff that I need for having lots of friends with laptops on one connection.

$33.40 for two liters (two, one liter bottles) of Bombay Sapphire at duty free before a short wait at the border cute customs guy who joked that since I said we were playing hooky from work that he was surprised we had jobs. Maybe it was the Jag.

Got home to find three quarters of the house primed — and Raf grousing that now that it’s primer white he needs to go around and scrape again, now that he can see all the bubbled paint. Oh well,  bid a job, make it right. Considering he is fighting rain, snow, sun, and everything else, I’m amazed we are this far along.

I even manage a half an hour nap before going back to the grind of billing hours and pushing product.

At least I get to fix dinner while the sun is still shining — make me think that summer is somewhere soon.

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