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Mar '09

Wednesday In The City.

Where did the day go… it wasn’t work. That only took an hour and a half.

Errands? Not that many.

Working on the house. A little, but mostly it was what Raf was doing — me, I just nailed up some useless phone and cable lines that were taken down when the eaves went on last year (and had been dangling ever since).

Must be the damn computer that sucked it up.

I did figure out how I’m getting to Santa Fe this May for Emily’s (niece) High School graduation. I’m flying to Denver and driving down (5 hours). Why? I get the miles on Alaska and the fare was $150 round-trip. Amazing. How can you make any money that way.

The amusing thing is that the car (for the week) will cost me more than the airfare. 

Another reason for Denver is to see Dan and Lisa while they visit. I also get to see Dan’s father (who I like), and Sean, wife and kids (that I’ve never met).

I could have flown, but it would have been $260 for a triangle flight Seattle-Denver-Albuquerque-Seattle which was oddly cheaper than the $280 for Seattle-Albuquerque-Seattle. Now all I have to do if find a rental car for a week. Looks like $200 — wonder if I can borrow Dan’s father’s Corvette for a couple of days.

Had Raf over to dinner. Even did a load of laundry for the poor boy. Man, I remember living hand-to-mouth… and not really liking it.

The pork was good, the company was good.


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