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Apr '09

Teabagging. Don’t They Know.

So — work in the morning. Meeting with the Evergreen Foundation in the afternoon. Cooking dinner for the boys before poker after that. Chicken breasts wrapped in peppered bacon. Asparagus. Challah. And lots of wine from Curt. But the title of today’s post is all about the Rachel Madow show I saw before dinner. Visit […]

Apr '09

Dinner With Johnnie.

Thursdays are always big work days… five plus hours plus of billing for the clients today. And more for tomorrow. It is hard to get dinner done on that schedule — but in this economy — money is money and we love it. As it turns out — I do have pictures of last nights […]

Apr '09

Happy Hump Day.

I fear it is the last day of sun for awhile. I made the most of it by getting all my errands done with the top down. No runs yesterday or today — too busy with clients. Maybe tomorrow. Luckily there is enough to share for awhile… might be after I get back from London […]

Apr '09

More Sun. More Clients.

Wow. More Sun. Wow. Another Client. Another client that I can work on while on the road — though I haven’t figured out how to do that and drive at the same time. That’s it — I need a driver! London is coming up — time to think about packing. Let’s see — if I […]

Apr '09

Another Sunny Day.

Be Still My Heart.

Wow — two sunny days in a row. How crazy is that for Seattle! Look what it’s done to my lawn: Guess it’s time to get out the lawn mover…. and the weed-eater, and to get Stewart over here to figure out the whether the chipper has been fixed. Spring is upon us (for the […]

Apr '09

A Sunny Sunday. There Is A Switch.

How many runs of errands can I go on today with the top down? How about Ballard for more chemistry parts to to hang out a bit with my friend Jacob? How about getting the car washed? How about grocery shopping? Got two runs through today — not the cort of pictures I want to […]

Apr '09

That Final Ride.

I’m not sure why I like this so much. I’m not a big biker (anymore — the BMW R77-7 long gone), not a big fan of caskets (I’m a box and burn kinda guy) — but this is classy. You can read the whole article in the Kansas City Star here. CLICK HERE. In case you […]

Apr '09

Another Friday. Another Dinner.

Before I go on and on about dinner… here is today’s quote: Nathan Lane in an interview in the April 2008 Advocate: How did it feel to be romantically like to Ricky Martin last your on the gossip blogs? Oh, man. The Ricky Martin thing was hilarious just because we’ve actually never met, but I […]

Apr '09

Work. Work. Work.

Today was many, many, hours of work, though I’ll get two runs in today. Good to have a project to run with, both work and play. Pork and salad. Gin and Wine — not in the same glass. No pictures. Forgot to take a picture of last nights Challah, which turned out great. No company […]

Apr '09


Luckily Not In South Park.

Snow in the north end, falling slush in West Seattle on the hill top. Cold rain in South Park. April is fooling with me — I’m ready for Spring. So, last night I was sitting on the couch watching the news when my phone vibrated. That means an appointment in 15 minutes. I figured it […]