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May '09

Another Day On The Road.

Oh, the joys of sleeping in. I’m actually the first one out of bed this morning so coffee is on by the time Ross stirs.

Ross is off the the Snow Cafe (excellent) and I headed downstairs to the Solstice Espresso/Bar/Cafe in the hotel for a great breakfast of Reindeer sausage biscuits and gravy with hash browns. Yum.

Onto the bus at noon for the hellish (yes, I’m getting tired of tour buses) for the slow trip to Seward — I’d have rather taken the train down.

Into the hotel after 4pm (should have been at 3pm). A couple of good photos on the way down, but I can’t understand people who take week long bus trips. Ick.

Ross went off to see the Exit Glacier ($29) tour — I spent the time on the deck (only place for wireless, which I wasn’t expecting) uploading photos and then headed over to the Roadhouse for what has been the best dinner of the trip so far: a little ensalada caprese from our travelling quad of women from Michigan, and a medium rare Delmonico steak accompanied by a lovely Argentine Malbec (when I ended up drinking a whole bottle of over the course of the evening.

And the view was good too:

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Tomorrow we are off on a Fjords tour of the Kenai — at “forced march” times — luggage out at 6:30am, on the bus at 6:45am.

I can’t wait for the boat — no more getting up early.

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