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Jun '09

Dateline Denver: Day Three

What’s that phrase…. not the day that I was expecting.

Dan and Lisa were off with his mother for breakfast — I passed, I wanted to sleep in since I was expecting a long day, and an early morning on Wednesday flying back to Seattle.

Breakfast basically sucks here at the Ramada Airport Denver. I make do with the English muffin toasted with a little cream cheese and this morning a hard boiled egg sliced and dribbled with Tabasco sauce.

Lunch was across the street at the Village Inn and their Cobb Salad. I had to go back to the room for my hoodie and hat as the weather has turned cold, drizzly, and windy. This does not bode well for the Leonard Cohen concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre… rain or shine. $130 ticket. Sounds like misery to me at this point.

Back to the room for more work when I get the call from Dan — OK, I was napping at the time — saying the concert has been postponed til Thursday because of weather. So much for rain or shine.

When I get the word that I can actually get a refund — happiness blossoms.

It also helped with the car/hotel/early morning flight situation.

Dinner was halibut at George’s place, then Dan, Lisa and I heading into town to visit Sean (Moshe) and Lisle who are sans kids for the night. I made it until about 9:30 before I had to head back to the airport hotel. It will be an early morning tomorrow.

Thanks George for all the car use!

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