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Jun '09


Or Router Hell.

Practice the mantra:

Computers make our lives easier.”

Repeat until you are ready to scream and break hardware.

For the last couple of months I’ve been having issues with my two networked laser printers (one color, one black/white) refusing to recognize the network until I reboot them… meanwhile jobs are piling up in the queue.

It reached the breaking point this afternoon when I needed to print out my Outlook Calendar having already shredded the previous one. Hour and a half later there is a new 16-port router/switch in place so that now one router is handling all but the connection to the wireless hub/DHCP server which is connected to the ClearWire Broadband Modem.

And scarily enough — 8 of those 16 ports are in use. Printers, runs to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Guess now I have enough that I could send one to the the back porch and the garage as well.

But enough about hardware.

Let’s talk Sundate then Mondate. Sundate went well — he can hold up his end of the conversation and then some. I’ll leave it to your imagination what happened after dinner, but hopefully he will come back for seconds.

As for Mondate — well, it was Wonderful. The person. I gave him a last minute invitation for chicken soup and salad (don’t worry, there is another batch of stock that I started once the soup was gone). He’s been stressed out over his job — which is to get $500,000 worth of artwork donated to the Poncho Art Auction this fall. All this in addition to getting the 100+ pieces donated to The Great Art Party in September. Yes, he needed drinks, dinner and wine.

As for me, my week is starting to fill up. When it rains (which it hasn’t recently) it pours. Kevin is coming to dinner tomorrow, I have another blind date on Wednesday, Thursday is a backyard ceremony that Wonderful is doing in my back yard… “Closing The Gnome Hole.” Saturday Devon is up for dinner before his flight the next day and Sunday I leave for Victoria for a couple of days. Whew! Guess I’d better get planning on what to do Friday.


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Or Router Hell.

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