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Jul '09

Lots Of Money.

No Fit And Finish.

So today’s amusement — I should have taken pictures — was going on a tour with Jill of a new condo complex coming on-line.

1111 E. Pike should you want to check it out.

Stunning views from the roof deck — but the penthouse unit opens onto the shared deck, and the bedroom looks out onto it. Odd. Also odd was that all the floor to ceiling windows had blinds that ran from the top down rather from the bottom up so that you might actually be able to walk around you house in your birthday suit without the entire neighborhood seeing you.

Very modern with massive sliding walls — one of which they forgot to put the end cap on so it was resting on the floor. Which brings us to the “fit and finish’ of the place. I’m guessing that they are going to have on-going water infiltration problems judging from the seams I saw on the siding from the roof deck. One of the units on the 5th floor had pieces of blue tape (typical “pick” list method”) stating window handle leaks, leaks around the edge of the window. Opps — and for a new building. Bad. And the fit around outlets on the wood walls (bad), unenclosed ducts from the free-standing range hoods (which will probably be fixed before they are sold), just lots of little detail stuff that wasn’t handled well.

Plus, there just some odd design flaws (which is odd since the architect has a book out about his designs). No bathroom storage space unless you count the medicine cabinet. Nice tubs — but they had a bench at one end where I would have gone with the longer tub… or for me, a giant shower. Interesting semi-floating sinks, but then the P-trap wasn’t enclosed — which would be OK if it weren’t plastic rather than chrome.

I’m guessing prices from $350,000 for the studio and way up for the Penthouse were the reception was staged (the one with the bedroom looking out to the communal deck) with appetizers and wine. The wine was surprisingly good — a vertical tasting by a local winery Cedergreen Cellarswith their owner pouring reds of their 2004, 2005, 2006 vintages (plus a white or two). The open house was hosted by 360 Modern (the folks who specialize in selling “modern” style houses and condos) and had enough appetizers that the steak in the fridge is saved for another day.

Guess you’d say I was underwhelmed by everything other than the view from the communal deck. It truly did make me appreciate what I have here in South Park.

What the tour did make me do was to see what was for sale with a view of Boeing field. Yikes – there are TONS of houses for sale on that side of Beacon Hill and down here in my valley — at prices lower that a year ago when I checked — and more pointedly, the interior shots showed a lot of EMPTY houses. Me thinks a speculator or two are sweating. If I had the spare capital I might just go ahead and pick up the next project house. I did already turn down one opportunity in Long Beach, Washington near the WorldMark — too much money, and why buy when I can just use points and stay right on the beach.


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One Response to “Lots Of Money.

No Fit And Finish.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Dang, if I EVER decide to buy YOU are going to be my agent!! Or at the very least inspecter!!