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Aug '09

Homeward Bound.

And Out To Play.

Up at 9am for coffee and to break camp. Seems I have a nooner scheduled.

Here is the link to all of the photos from the weekend:


So, I get home by 11am, have SOB unloaded, the dishwasher and washer loaded by noon…. and by 1:30 my date has cancelled — apparently installing a transmission took four hours rather than the expected two hours. Damn. I missed out on pancakes at the camp site this morning.

On the positive side there were some of those “billable” hours while I cleaned up the inbox to get ready for the upcoming week.

This afternoon/early evening is a beer launching party at Jimmie’s place that I’ll head over too early so I can fix his computer…. again.

Might update later, or might just come home and go to bed were it’s warm and comfortable.


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And Out To Play.

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