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Sep '09

Hello Juneau.

Greetings from Juneau!

Unlike when I was here with Ross in early May, we are docked at the far end of town and it is definitely drippy weather. The question is whether I want to try and meet up with Monica on this trip. Jonathan is planning on going into town — I will just stay and work.

Another reason for staying and working rather than having coffee with Monica? FIVE cruise ships in the harbor and that means traffic will be a mess downtown which is between where Monica lives and where the boat it docked.

Who is in town?

  • Norwegian Sun — last trip of the Alaska season, next stop San Francisco
  • Holland America Statendam — my boat from hell from May, back to Vancouver and then a 19-day Panama Canal repositioning.
  • Holland America Westerdam — one more round-trip from Seattle and then a 21-day repositioning Panama Canal cruise.
  • Silver Seas Silver Shadow — next stop Los Angeles on the 24th to start the Mexican Riviera season with 9-day all suite cruises starting at $3400 a person.
  • Princess Cruise Sapphire Princess — next stop Vancouver for a 4-day sampler tour, followed by a three day sampler cruise to Los Angeles and then onto the Mexican Riviera like lots of other boats.

Got to get back to work while I still have a connection, but I’ll leave you with the scroller bar which will be updated with more photos as they load:


Probably no new posts until Sunday the 20th from San Francisco.

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2 Responses to “Hello Juneau.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    What is this work you do whilst in the midst of a cruise?

  2. blue toad Says:

    Please read email from me. 8 printes are boxed and ready to go but I need addresses!! if I get them before Monday am I can get them out overnight-as I said in my email, at my expense.

    Ready to do the new revised set-what is the drop dead delivery date?