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Oct '09

Birthday Lunch Out With The Boys.

Before I go into lunch details — I’ve been meaning to talk money. As in the Exchange Rate.

Here is what my dollar is worth to the Euro:

1.00 EUR


1.45741 USD

Euro   United States Dollars
1 EUR = 1.45741 USD   1 USD = 0.686150 EUR

Here is that my dollar is worth to the Pound:

1.00 GBP


1.59299 USD

United Kingdom Pounds   United States Dollars
1 GBP = 1.59299 USD   1 USD = 0.627750 GBP

And my British friends have been complaining about how close the Euro and the Pound are in worth — the Pound used to have a premium::

1.00 EUR


0.914887 GBP

Euro   United Kingdom Pounds
1 EUR = 0.914887 GBP   1 GBP = 1.09303 EUR

As for me — it is one of the best exchange rates for the Dollar/Pound and the worst for the Dollar/Euro. Thank goodness my I’ve got free lodging and only one intra-Europe flight to pay for.

Now as for that stunning birthday lunch, it was at Tanners Restaurant.

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Three birthday boys, one whose birthday it is today (Nigel). Mine was Monday, Mark’s is next week.

And what a birthday lunch — the prix fix menu I chose was the mackerel salad for a starter and the plaice for the main — and I was so stuffed that I declined the dessert (or pudding as they say here). A couple of nice bottles of white and I was ready for a nap!

Tonight we are having the chicken roasted with some other sides, but with the huge lunch I’m less than hungry — no clubbing for me tonight.

Back to Dublin tomorrow afternoon.

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