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Oct '09

Spoiled And Spoiling.

What a lovely lazy day in Dublin.

My goal for today? Getting the fixings for dinner. 3 lovely peppered steaks for the bar-b-gue, a bottle of South Africa Pinotage, a little more whiskey… and it truly is a lovely day.

The meat came from a butcher just a 15 minute walk from here (yes, I WALKED), and the “off-license” store was on the way back across the street on the sunny side.

So — today’s theme, Spoiling and Spoiled. What’s that all about?

Spoiled: Me. Great trip to see long-time (better than saying “old”) friends. Shops to pick up fixings for dinner within walking distance. A nap in the morning while reading, a nap in the afternoon while reading. A fridge to graze on for meals. My own bedroom. Friends.

Spoiling: Cooking for my friends (and occasionally their neighbors). Shopping for food in strange currencies and weights and money. In the end the preparing is calming for me — and they seem to like the end result it as well.

Maybe at the end of this journey I should blog on the “Ten Important Skills For A House-guest”. I’ll leave you with one of the ten… restock the bar.

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Crap — forgot the link to the pictures to what is in the Windows Lauch Party Pack!


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