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Oct '09

In The Air For A Long, Long, Long Time.

If you take out all the time changes, I got up at 7pm on Tuesday night, and flew until Wednesday night at 9:30pm. Ouch!

First flight – Dublin to Frankfurt (THANKS Mindi for getting up a 4am to take me to the airport). Running late, but not enough to miss my connection. Breakfast on-board was a roll, some fruit, some yogurt — a little light. Flight time should have been 1.5 hours, but with delays getting into Frankfurt-Mein, 2+ hours.

Frankfurt airport — what a mess, totally in the middle of being renovated. Add to that the shear size and the need to change terminals, you’ve got a mess even if you have two hours between flights (think buses to a plane parked on the tarmac). Snack at the Red Carpet Club First Class Lounge (complete with showers, but I did that before I left Dublin).

Second flight – Frankfurt to Washington, DC. 8.5 hours. Only four of us up front, meaning that there were 4 or 5 unused seats — which it’s odd since I had to book 6 months in advance to get a frequent flier seat. Dinner?

  • Teriyaki duck breast with ricotta and spinach egg flan with a soy-ginger sauce
  • Creamy corn soup
  • Fresh seasonal greens with cherry tomatoes, radishes and croutons
  • Grilled filet mignon (over cooked) with bordelaise mushroom sauce served with roast potato wedges (a little greasy), overcooked asparagus and carrots.
  • Ice cream sundae as they seemed to be out of the promised cheese selection

Lunch was a cold platter of  smoked salmon, honey ham, salami, asparagus, egg wedge and dinner roll.

Washington, DC airport – flight on time, but oddly enough with all the international flights coming into IAD, there are no shower facilities in the Red Carpet Rooms.

Third flight – Washington, DC – Seattle. Flight running late but but it had two choices for dinner, some pasta dish in tomato sauce and the chicken tika which is what I had. Long gone are the days when that flight would have the ice cream trolley go down the aisle.

Home at 9:30pm. In bed by 10:30.

[? ? ? and who knows since I stopped taking Alli last week]

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