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Oct '09

Jack For Lunch, Brooklyn For Dinner.

Slept in until 9, played around with email and whatnot til 10:30, packed up and left Curts and headed to Jack in the Box for that rare combo meal.

Yes, I know it isn’t on my diet routine, but after a long poker evening a little grease was just the way to get me going.

Made good time home. Spent the afternoon futzing around with various computer configurations — with the main computer dead it meant moving the tablet into the office and the netbook into the living room, each of them with an extra monitors, and both when you “extend screen to cover both monitors” are set up so that you go to the far right hand side of the small monitor to get to the monitor that is on your left.

Not ideal, but the new notebook is being delivered on Tuesday and will be configured at or by the wine tasting weekend that starts next Thursday.

Curt arrived at 4 (hey, wasn’t I just down there?)

By 5:30 we are out the door with time to swing by and check out the new SODO liquor store (newer but more boring than the old) and still make it to the Brooklyn for our 6:15 reservation.

A dozen and a half oysters were split three ways, lots of cross-sampling of the other appetizers, and three different mains:

  • Pork Chop for Swanda
  • Carpetbagger for Curt
  • Bouillabaisse for Me

Thought about taking some phone pictures of the presentation, but was too busy making a mess of the plates.

Amazingly enough we were back home by 9pm. And Curt was basically out by 10.

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