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Oct '09

Silly Sunday.

Couldn’t Get A Cheap Fare For Christmas.

So Going To The Bay Area Three Times.

Wow — and I thought Saturday was lazy… Sunday beats it hands down.

I read twelve chapters of Aaron Elkin’s A Creative Clarity, and tried to figure out if I can get to Santa Fe for Christmas (as well as Thanksgiving) for something under $500. At the moment, it’s $400 to ABQ (which I hate flying into) and $600 to SAF (which is Santa Fe’s tiny airport).

Looked at other alternatives… like the routing I’m doing for Turkey Day which is flying Alaska into Flagstaff and then taking the train to Lamy (station stop for Santa Fe and 5 miles from my parents house), or flying to Kansas City and doing the rail (in a sleeper) in the opposite direction.

In the end, with all that looking at travel sites….. noticed that SEA-OAK was $101.20 round-trip — so I booked three of them. One for Wednesday to Saturday, one for after Orlando, and one for mid-December. It will be nice to see the boys again. And hopefully (speaking of boys) my Bangladeshi Hottie is is still up to hanging out.

As for Santa Fe for Christmas, the colonels are going to be there and I’d love to see them… if I can find a deal.

Other than that it’s been a quiet day at the house with Raf returning late last night after I was crashed and leaving before I got up working at Mick’s place and staying out tonight for date number two with a “hottie” from CraigsList.

For me, dinner tonight is sauteed chicken breast chunks over a bed of salad — which I need after last nights steak and baked potatoes where both Jonathan and I passed on salad.



4 Responses to “Silly Sunday.

Couldn’t Get A Cheap Fare For Christmas.

So Going To The Bay Area Three Times.”

  1. Curt Says:

    So have you tried the unlabelled, complimentary bottle of wine from Mt. Baker Vineyards yet? B & I enjoyed it with homehame meatload (per Ted Allen of Queer Eye fame…), asparagus and mashed spuds and gravey. As Jim suggested, this trial wine is very tight. Could use a year or more laying down. Still, with a couple hours of air, it matched well with heavy sauces and beef, cutting the fat nicely. Not sure I’d ever buy some, but I see how it might change into a presentable version during the coming year.

  2. markso Says:

    Was thinking of keeping mine in the “cellar”, a.k.a. the laundry/utility room, until spring.

  3. Swanda Says:

    Now who are the colonelss?

  4. markso Says:

    Would that be three colonels?