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Nov '09

Tuesday = Marketing.

If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, or is it Bellevue, in my case.

Bookings and bookings that I’m thinking about:

  • Booked: November 18-20 in Vancouver, BC. A little work, much more play.
  • Thinking About: December 4-7 in Juneau, Alaska visiting Monica and Alan and the kids — thinking of flying up 1st, and on the way back sampling Alaska’s Boeing 737-400 Combi… that’s where you enter the plane from the back because the front is all full of freight. I flew on their 737-200 version years ago with Mark and Shannon coming back (or was it going to) Sitka where they were thinking of moving.

Of course, that trip would be almost as much about the flight on the combi as to the visit. It would also round out my visits to Juneau this year — would make the third time: May (sunny), September (rainy), and December (cold and wet?)

Dinner tonight is just Raf and me — and very German. Sausages and kraut with spicy mustard.

Quiet evening — with Raf going off to a job tomorrow where he has to wear slacks and a button down shirt. Who knew?

Tomorrow is dinner with Jonathan.


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