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Nov '09

Thursday = 1D.

I love mid-day flights. No rush to get up in the morning. Just about the time I usually think about having food — there is food in the form of bagels and cream cheese. And now that I’ve achieved MVP Gold status it means no long waits in line even if I’m not sitting up front.

Today is the start of trip number two of three of my “so cheap I have to fly” trips to the Bay Area. It’s also nice that I can do a little work while I’m down here though it doesn’t look like this trip will be one of those times.

The saints (Mark and Onyx) give me a place to stay and I bring down bags of meat from the freezer and cook dinner for them most nights. Throw in the chauffeur service to/from the airport and it’s truly wonderful.

Speaking of travel — just booked a weekend in Juneau in early December after I get back from the Flagstaff/Santa Fe Thanksgiving trip which starts on the 22nd (the next trip). Looks like it’s going to be a busy November and December. Anyone surprised?

Oops, that’s wrong. My next trip is up to Vancouver for a couple of days next week to check out that office and make dinner for a couple of priests and a hottie boyfriend (of the priests, not mine).

And what was dinner tonight? Marinated flank steak and a nice mixed greens salad. Just enough for the three of us.


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