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Nov '09

Bye, Bye, BC.

It’s weird how I feel more productive on the road — is it less distractions at the house (laundry, dishes, mail)? Maybe I’m just more focused.

Here is a shot of morning from the condo — man  love this view:

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That is looking northeast up Hornby in the direction of our Vancouver office with the mountains in the background. Looking northwest here is the view:

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Noon meeting with Karl went….well, but he was severely tardy — showed up finally at 1:30 for a 12-12:30 meeting… and really screwing my return to the states — putting me in Seattle at the height of rush hour. Not a happy camper.

Finally got to the house at 6pm after stops for groceries in Smokey Point and to pick up Chris’ mail at the apartment.

Spent the evening finishing up a few work things (trip report) and gnawing on a steak. Raf was out on a date so all was quiet — what I needed after the clusterf**k of traffic.

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