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Nov '09

A Lazy Saturday

With A Wee Bit Of Work.

Basically it was a lazy Saturday… got the work that needed doing out of the way early (had to get it done as I’m leaving town tomorrow) so that I could spend the rest of the day lounging around and getting ready for dinner tonight with friends from Portland — Tony and Elsa.

So — Tony and Elsa — from Alaska, but I met then when Tony was just graduating from Cornish Institute of Arts in Seattle — I bought something like 13 of his etching after he brought is portfolio over. I’d always wanted to say — want to come of and look at my etchings?

Tony’s current project is featured here: http://www.gunbabygraphics.com featuring his latest collaboration, Throwing Bones.

Dinner was just the three of us, Tony, Elsa, me — Raf was out getting his horns trimmed — let’s hope he’s in some sort of shape to take me to the airport tomorrow morning at 4am!

Anyway — dinner. Standard Uncle Markie fare — some fresh bread, high-heat roasted asparagus, country-style boneless pork ribs in Arthur Bryant’s sauce off the BBQ on the back deck. Great food, great company, a great time.


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With A Wee Bit Of Work.

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