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Nov '09

Of Liquor, Leftovers, And Laying Around.

I think the above says it all about what the day after Thanksgiving is about — unless you are a sports fan, then you need to add Football and Basketball.

The morning run out of the house was a liquor run with my father — yes, the one who was kvetching last night about people drinking — but when WholePayCheck is offering 20% off on any in-stock wine when you buy more than a case, that gets my father off his high horse. Not only off his high horse, but bragging about 20 bottles for $212 including tax. Of course, should we want to drink more than one bottle at a meal with 8 guests…..

Next stop gas, then off for a booze stop for me. My Trader Joe’s shopping list:

  • (3) bottles Lismore scotch (two for me, one for the house) $17.99 each
  • (2) bottles Moskovskay, $9.99 each
  • (1) liter $9.99
  • (1) Pear Gorgonzola Salad Dressing, $3.99

As for the food today… eggs and toast for breakfast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy for lunch… and the piece de resistance, more leftovers for dinner.

After 9pm it’s just me, my computer, and my scotch…. kinda peaceful.

[218.0 but this is my mother’s scale]

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