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Dec '09

Dateline: Juneau

Ra2f was way gone by the time I texted… “awake yet”. He was at Labor Ready, already.

Off to the airport I go for my flight to Juneau to visit my friend Monica, husband Alan, and the remaining kids at home. My two previous trips to Juneau this year were early May (stunning weather — clear, warm, walks in the park, boat rides) and Mid September (cold, raining, windy, didn’t leave the boat).

Another clear day greets me in Juneau. Monica met me at the airport… and recognizes the person I sat next to in 1C (she was in 1A)… guess this means if you are a doctor in Juneau you know everyone… sort of like Lopez Island, just bigger.

We dump the bags at the house, well, the guest house next to the house, and off we go to the Mendenhall Glacier… off season, no tourist buses filled with said tourist, just locals walking their dogs and the odd photographer and painters. Monica took this shot using my camera… and I swear that it isn’t photo-shopped — because to me, it looks like I’ve just been dropped in on this scene:

P1090566 - Share on Ovi

Man, that was a sweet shot! I’m thinking Christmas card shot. Wish I’d brought my Santa Hat.

So, after the glacier — then it’s off to the title company to sign papers (Monica and Alan, not me). Next stop — the “boat condo” they just sold to pick up an old exam table, a rack, and a Porsche Carrara 4S (I believe)… suddenly I’m driving the pickup — good thing the scotch from the plane has worn off!

Unload some of the stuff at his office, put the Porsche in the “carriage house” garage (which I’m staying in the upstairs of), and off to “First Friday December 2009” which is Juneau’s Monthly Artwalk. At least there is food and booze included.

But wait, theirs more… after the artwalk (fun), it’s dress-up time (wish I’d known). Apparently tonight is also the local dentist/doctor party (serious wine/booze/food spread) that is a fashion statement for the season… wish I’d known.  Wish everyone had known. Alan borrowed dress shoes from his size 14 shoe teenager, I borrowed a sport coat and tie from Alan, and the kids made up Monica to look stunning. Her is how I came out:

P1090578 - Share on Ovi

Not bad for double front Carharts and a Brooks Brothers button down shirt — which was my “outfit” for Alaska. That is also a shot of part of the interior of the “guest apartment”. Damn I’m lucky.

Well, not that lucky. Turns out what I thought was a 25-40% reduction in my billing hours for a major client is more like a 40-?% reduction in billing hours. Guess it’s a good thing I already had the “Christmas Thank You” gift shipped.

But our picture of the night (like you need three!) is from the youth orchestra that was playing at the party….


Nice community touch for a multiple-office party.

Now to bed to think about my new strategy for paying the mortgage.


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