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Dec '09

Wow. What A Full Last Full Day.

I can’t imagine the house where I’m staying with FOUR kids — THREE kids and their schedules is enough to make me dizzy. Congratulations Monica for being the uber-scheduler…

Today’s events:

  • Bagels and cream cheese in the kitchen after coffee in the carriage house.
  • Drive up to Eagle Crest Ski Area — hang out in the lodge (very family oriented, no bar other than the snack bar with lots of fried food) while Monica and the girls ski (girls = downhill, Monica = Nordic)
  • Snack of fries and a Diet Coke from the snack bar while reading the New Yorker
  • Back down the mountain for a stock up at the liquor store for:
    • two bottles of red wine for dinner with my hosts’ friends
    • pint of Jameson for my amusement after said dinner
    • Seattle Times so hosts can look for a condo in Seattle
    • New York Times to make Monica really happy
  • Next up is a violin recital — a little over an hour long — and there were two kids (8-9 year-olds) at the end that were stunning — Forrest and Finn – wish I could find my program to give you their full names because I’m guessing they will do well
  • Back home for a few minutes
  • Off up the highway to friends of the hosts — good friends — the first invitation was to take a quick sauna… damn nice sauna. Needless to say the kids wanted nothing to do with a bunch of naked adults. Makes me really want to build another sauna.
  • Dinner was winter caught Reg King Salmon off the grill over a bed of Asian noodles and mixed greens. Stunningly good. Yes, I ate too much.
  • Dessert was a cobbler — luckily the adults served themselves before notifying the children.
  • Home by ten — kids in bed, Alan and I trading music, me having a little Jameson

Headed home tomorrow on the “milk run”. Juneau to Petersburg to Wrangel to Ketchikan to Seattle. Guess I’d better pack some sandwiches tomorrow from the leftovers!

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