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Dec '09

Of Reworked Laptops And Dinner.

After getting mom’s old laptop all upgraded and updated… I discovered that there wasn’t much space left on that little 3 gig hard drive… damn. After searching around for a bit I discovered several things:

  • A way to open most of the case of the laptop — though not enough to get to the loose power input
  • That a docking station could be had for $9.99 + $9.00 shipping — ordered it
  • That I had a couple of hard drives the correct size
  • That I could recycle a 20 gig hard drive from the old PhatNoise system that I’d pulled from the BMW before I traded it in
  • That original BMW multi-CD cases are the exact same as the one that goes in the Jaguar

So — here is a picture of the kitchen table at mid-day:


After it was all put back together, it was time to load Windows 2000, then do the massive amounts of updates (SP4, Roll-up 1, then 63 other updates), then install Office 2000, then a wireless-N card, AVG virus protection. Hopefully once the port replicator shows up next week that will solve the power supply problem (currently solved by keeping the power cord taut by wrapping it under the screen).

As an side amusement, I put down 200 pounds of gravel that had finally thawed in the garage — now I need another thousand pounds or so to finish the gate project — at least it’s enough to make an easier transition.

Now about that dinner… Curt and Brandon are the guests. Made some shortbread cookies for tonight and tomorrow night (while doing updates on the computer), baked a lovely loaf of challah, and cooked up a nice 2.25# beef roast from Uwajimaya (which really didn’t have enough marbling, but oh well), baked potatoes and a salad — Curt brought a couple of bottles of wine… it does look good though:


The boys are staying the night — and shopping tomorrow.


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