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Dec '09


At Least That Was The Plan.

When you get up at 4:30am, you’d really like your day to go well.

It went well until I got to San Jose… then it started falling apart. Actually, it was a little sketchy at check-in when it took them 20+ minutes to figure out how to get my bag all the way to Santa Fe… seems that it was slightly double booked on the Alaska portion since Alaska had upgraded me, but still had the coach seat for me as well on the American system.

I actually got to pack a little road snack at the Board Room and get a to-g0 cup. Good flight down. Relaxing. Aisle Seat. Sleeping neighbors.

And then San Jose…. first 35 minutes late, mechanical… by the time we were finally done with the delays — we were 5.25 hours late getting out of San Jose for LAX.

Needless to say, I missed my connections. Some tips for people whose flights are in danger. Find an agent. Book on the next flights — in my case, tomorrow, but because it was mechanical — the airline is paying for the Four Points Sheraton Airport… and a paltry $10 for dinner and $5 for breakfast.

So — assuming I’d even been close to making my connection, we sat on the tarmac at LAX waiting to get into a gate — no ramp agents. POOR STAFFING. At San Jose, there was no agent at the desk until WELL AFTER the flight was supposed to be boarding. It’s the holiday rush — what are they thinking (or not thinking).

Another tip… when they promise you the hotel… be first in line. It takes time for that paperwork. I’m just happy that they managed to get my bag off the plane so I could have:

  • toothbrush
  • clean clothes
  • scotch
  • Luckily there is free wi-fi in the hotel, a restaurant with passable carne asada and an OK by the glass wine list… and peace and quite, and no 6am flight tomorrow…. boarding is at 11:50.

Looks like I’ll be taking the conference call in the airport tomorrow.

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At Least That Was The Plan.

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