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Jan '10

Pre-Flight Plan.

I tried to sleep in. I failed. Well, by my standards I failed.

No more work on the DVD project… it remains the same stack of uncategorized DVDs staring me in the face, taunting me with their abandoned status on top of my laptop — well — HUH! — I’m taking the laptop with me tomorrow and you will be sitting on the desk waiting for my return.

On another work project — had a “breakthrough” as they say and slammed out ten new pages for a corporate website ahead of a total redo of the site — some things need to be handled — maybe I should bid on the whole site redo, that would keep me busy.

In other odd news, shot some photos of the new 787 from Boeing since it was a sunny day and I had a wild hare (not to be confused with rabbits or going frogging with Hare, one of Barry’s rather drunk friends)… here are the shots of it and other random planes from my recent travels:


And then there was the leak testing of the new hottub — all the connections to the tub work. The airpipe blower thingee leaks — but that’s downstream and means that I can start working on the rigid sides for the tub once I return from Tucson and Denver/Estes Park.

Dinner tonight was some fajita steak chunks from the freezer, defrosted and stir-fried with snap peas and baby carrots, with some spinach tossed in at the last minute. Damn fine meal, and low-cal.



2 Responses to “Pre-Flight Plan.”

  1. Xrauq Says:

    what’s the weird blue wire rack thingy in the airplane shot series???
    have a good trip(s)!!!

  2. markso Says:

    The seats on that plane start at row 17 — rows 1-16 are freight — that is a decompression panel, the the wire cage is to keep it from nailing the passengers in 17 A-B-C. Of course, it the panel exjects, that might be the least of their worries.