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Jan '10

Everyone’s Flying Today.

Seems like lots of people are flying today:

  • Hummingbird and BamBam are headed to Mexico for two months
  • Jill is headed to Boston (she got an upgrade)
  • I’m headed to Tucson (I didn’t get an upgrade)

News from the world of security — from Jill, big lines on both sides of security (but she isn’t MVP Gold anymore so the before  is an issue) and from me — just a mess post ID check (MVP Gold line was as short as the regular lines).

As for me — I took light rail to the airport to see if I really like it, which would influence my decision about getting a place in the International District (or at the north end of the tunnel). Of course, there is always the storage and vehicle issue — of course if I sold he two other vehicles, that’s 6 months rent right there.

A couple of prett boys on the flight — one next to me, on in 6A and a couple further back. Only half a dozen hobbling snowbirds and another half dozen families with infants — but a totally packed plane I didn’t see an empty seat. Guess that means I’m coming home in coach as well!

And now the news from Tucson…

Joe met me a the airport and had several stops to make on the way one (of which I added one as well):

  • Electronics house to get a transistor for a power supply
  • A restaurant supply place (my choice – almost got Mark and Onyx some items that would go well with their china set)
  • An Italian food importer (Joe was comparing prices on capacola.

As a result of an impending divorce, Joe’s large 3 bedroom house is looking a little “sparse”. At least the pool, hot tub, and BBQ are still here. His soon to be ex’s New Years present was the first draft of the divorce papers. How festive.

After several rounds of scotch – we wander down River Road to El Corral — a favorite for the Rock Hound crowd in town for the Gem Show, but that’s next month. I’ve (well, we’ve) been there before so just sat in the bar chatting with the same cute bartender from years ago.

More chatter after dinner. Good to catch up, good to give him ideas on what to do with his house, just good times.



2 Responses to “Everyone’s Flying Today.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Car is safe and there was a flyer in everyone’s door about “beefed up” security.

  2. markso Says:

    thanks for the update — and you’d think with what they are charging tenants for parking that there would be a full-scale revolt.