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Jan '10

In The Air

Part One Of Two.

What a relaxing long weekend — part of me feels guilty about sleeping in while Joe goes off to work. Amazingly he manages to get out of bed, shower, do the whole routine without waking me. To bad he’s straight otherwise I’d marry him. Oh, that’s what got him in trouble the last time. Marraige.

Worked a little in the late morning, probably should have been san clothing outside and soaking up one of the two really hot days during my visit, but got to pay for this adventure somehow.

The plan is to leave for the airport at 2 for my 4:20 flight — is that the marijuana express? 4:20? Joke?

Joe’s home early… so odd to see him in slacks and a pressed shirt. I’m more used to the TGV days of kakhi’s and tie-dye of the convention floor. Sweet that he’s willing to take me to the airport in the middle of a work day.

Tucson is not a big airport — but the B Terminal has an amazing selection of food for the 10-15 gates. I settle on a Dynamite Roll and cold sake as my snack before the flight.

Flight. Unamazing, but in seat 1C so I can’t complain other than the First Class cabin attendant spends too much time reading her magazine… it’s First Class, it doesn’t excuse you from pampering your guests.

Landed, waiting for bags at 6:37.

On train (light rail) at 6:46.

On elevator at the apartment at 7:25.

I’m liking light rail service to the airport — can’t take it tomorrow without getting up even earlier than 5am. Maybe I should just move back to the International District and ditch two vehicles and downsize my life once again.

Dinner was take-out marked-down sushi from Uwaijamaya in front of the Monday lineup of sitcoms.


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Part One Of Two.”

  1. susan Says:

    I;ll store SOB for you.