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Jan '10

Meeting, Shopping, Napping, Cooking, Packing.

Meeting in the morning — running around before trying to get Cathy’s wedding invitations in the mail to her.

Next up was the UW Surplus Auction Store… only one item was tempting… a 2x2x6 bread cart… I resisted the temptation. Found cartridge for Wonderful, and sports uniforms for Fluffernutter — don’t know if either of them made it to the store before it closed at 6.

Just enough time before Rich arrives to sneek in a half hour nap — needed it.

Rich and more work in the afternoon. Did some more research on the Olympics trip to Whistler — things like medal ceremonies, public transit from Creekside to Whistler proper — looks like we’ll need a roll of Twonies (the Canadian 2 dollar coin)!

An early dinner at 6 so Rich can make it back to Olympia tonight for his early workday tomorrow… he was up for the interview to get his Nexus card — and he ran into one of his customers who is border patrol but lives in Olympia.

Steaks off the grill, baked potatoes out of the convection oven, and salad out of a bag.

After dinner it was time to finish packing for Boston. Flying to Portland on Thursday at 6am (ick) so I can catch the Portland-Boston flight. Why not fly direct? Guaranteed First Class seat at time of booking. Looks like I’ll be able to catch up on my recent movies with the Digi-Player. I’ve packed some goodies for Pucci – can’t show up empty handed!


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