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Jan '10

Another Suit Day.

Well, technically not a suit — the plum sportscoat. The occasion today? The President’s Scholarship Day Reception at The Evergreen State College. I’m not sure how you are supposed to have people pay attention to speeches when you hop them up on coffee and sweets, but they managed.

Next stop — Dwight’s new house… maybe I should just refer to it as LegoLand… oh, that’s after he gets them all unpacked… I’ve never see two spare bedrooms filled with unassembled Lego Bricks… apparently the basement of the place he is moving out of has dozens of assembled creations.

Grocery store run on the way back north and home for dinner. Chicken Cordon Bleu (pre-prepared, so-so) and working on tomorrows cocktail party at the Camlin. Got Filet Mignon to braise and cut, bags to pack, and the trunk to load.

Today’s photo is of bad ideas for packing for a trip. The concept was, roll the t-shirt tight, then vacuum seal it so it would take even less space:


I’m thinking, really wrinkled.


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