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Mar '10

Oh Canada….

Sleep, Eat, Work, Eat, Hang Out, Cook, Entertain, Drink, Sleep, Repeat.

That was my day — didn’t even leave the condo. Had them bring me a new coffee machine to replace the dead one. Had BamBam bring up more dishwasher detergent from the desk when he arrive. Tom showed up and immediately took a shower since he’d been running.

Pork roast over potatoes and onion, salad, wine, bread. YUM.

Today’s link it to a pitch that BabBam is making for a $2500 grant. Check it out, vote for him:


I would have embedded it, but I couldn’t figure out how, and you really do need to be on the site to vote.

That’s it for today, back to the States tomorrow morning. Full while it lasted.

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