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Mar '10

Saturday — Pre-Departure.

In theory, the website re-design is done. Whether the owner “pulls the switch” is up in the air. I’ve done my part. Rename one page on the server “index.htm” and the site will switch to the new one. Silence since 10am. Not my problem at the moment.

My problem. Getting every duck in the road for leaving tomorrow:

  • Mick for transportation
  • Gnalene for being ready

Sometimes I think travelling solo might be better.

In the mean time… it’s surf and turf on the grill tonight. Skewers of marinated shrimp to go with the steaks off the grill, mini-loaves of bread, salad, wine. Damn, life is hard.

Wish there were a photo for tonight — maybe me falling off the deck. That would be great… break your leg right before a week long trip.

Oops, tripped on the deck.


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One Response to “Saturday — Pre-Departure.”

  1. susan Says:

    So I haave lost track where are you off to tomorrow? Cabo? Panama? Bon Voyage to wherever-Let us know when you can pencil Lopez in!!