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Apr '10

Books, Brother, And Other Items.

Work during the day, broken up with an errand run to Wonderful (opera tickets and hose pieces) and Jimmy (Wall Street Journal article on betting on horse races, the derby being tomorrow).

And then the confusion began… got a call at 3:45 from my brother from the train station. Oops, I thought it was 5:45, not 3:45, and he thought it was 4:45, so we were all confused by the arrival time. Luckily it’s a fifteen minute drive.

So the remaining errands were done in reverse order. Brother, shirts, package and drinks at the apartment with Swanda.

The book?

Dining on the B&O: Recipes and Sidelights from a Bygone Age by Thomas J. Greco, Karl D. Spence

Haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but it’s filled with reproductions of the original menus. Click on the book to go to Amazon and purchase it.

Dinner was with DancingBear (our usual Friday night) and my brother – lamb chops, spicy shrimp, roasted vegetables, wine – no bread much to the annoyance of DB.

An evening spent drinking and chatting.


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